>Making the right choice

>As I was doing a breathing treatment I went to one of the most recent blogs I’m following:

As I was reading and wandering around I found her post:

I was inspired to come back over to my blog and read the ads – honestly, I hadn’t considered what might be on them. I didn’t figure people ever paid attention to those ads. I was shocked. The ad blaring on the side of my page was for an organization I certainly wouldn’t support, and I have taken the ads off my blog.

I have to say, I am thankful for the eye opener. I also thought to myself and half prayed, but God, I want to turn this blogging thing into something that makes my family some income. I’m not looking for get rich quick, or to even become a millionare, but we need some extra help right now, and as traffic is increasing, maybe my blog could be a blessing to us. You know what He said to my heart… “Keep writing, child.”

So I’m going to do just that. I love to write. I’m learning as I’m doing more of it, I have a passion for words. I want to expand my vocabulary, I want to expand my subject knowledge. I want to write about life, lessons, love, parenting, grief, I want to write devotions. I want to write books. Devotional books, novels, I’m not sure yet. I need to start asking God for more guidance, but I know I love to write. I also know that God created me to be unique and if this passion for writing is from Him, then He will do great things with it.

I think it is so fitting that when I’m worried about money, I get the opportunity to make choices. I can try to make a few extra dollars advertising for companies I would NEVER support….or I can choose to live for God and realize that right now, my blog is simply for the purpose of expressing myself, and yet God’s response was to keep writing.

Tonight, I wonder to my Daddy, my God, my Creator….what do you have in store? I am so curious now…and I will continue to write, may my words bring You all the glory and honor and praise, and may I bless those that read the story of my life…

Please share your thoughts!

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