>Spelling words & creating structure

>Asher’s favorite thing about school is spelling words and spelling tests. He loves getting new words to practice, and he loves when I write 100% in red next to a sticker or a smile-y face. It makes his day. He spends all week practicing those words so he can get them right. It is really cute – and mirrors my own love of words and spelling, writing and reading.

Isaiah, on the other hand, is very hands on. He needs projects and games to help him learn. Let me tell you – this is so not my style it is a challenge, and at times, a frustration. I’m a book smart kinda girl. Give me a book and I will master the subject matter. I have had the opportunity in my life to hear a few lectures, and that is great with me too. I don’t really require hands on, although a few times I have gained a deeper understanding by putting into action something I have learned, it’s not necessary for me on a regular basis.

Suddenly, I’m faced with the realization that homeschooling will not be what I thought it would. See, the way I remember it, Mom provided a solid curriculum, helped with regular tests, and a lot of the study time was on my own. Mom didn’t stand there lecturing, I read, studied, and tested. She administered the tests, but most of the study was self guided (with requirements on number of pages/lessons/chapters completed per day/week). Of course, I was in the third grade when we started, and I’m pretty sure I was reading very fluently then, so it’s a little easier to “self-guide” when you can read an entire text book. I doubt, however that even when Isaiah is reading he will be the self-guided student that I remember being.

I’ve also realized that projects are fun. I want to take the kids places to encourage their understanding of history and geography, I want to watch them build things, and apply science to fun, at home projects. I want to foster in them a love and a passion for learning. I want them to understand that God gave us this beautiful world to explore, and I want them to understand that all things point to Him for His glory.

I want them to discover what they are passionate about, and I want to give them the strength to pursue it. I want to watch them blossom, and I pray that God would give me the wisdom, strength, patience and perseverance to do just that.

So, today I am reviewing plans for the week, building a better structure, preparing to do more guiding, and trying to find ways to draw my children both into the process of learning. They are only 16 months apart in age, and some days that doesn’t seem like much, and other days it feels like they are worlds apart.

I thank God for the opportunity to educate my children at home. I pray that He gives me exactly what I need to share with them, and that He opens their hearts and minds wide to learn about the beautiful world He created for us!

Please share your thoughts!

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