Not by my own strength


I read this post and was inspired to share it, along with my own heart and thoughts.

I’ve been blogging a little bit about parenting, with my post on Raising Boys (http://perceptionsby1.blogspot.com/2011/01/raising-boys.html), Spelling words & creating structure (http://perceptionsby1.blogspot.com/2011/01/spelling-words-creating-structure.html), & Leading by Example (http://perceptionsby1.blogspot.com/2011/01/leading-by-example.html).

I’ve noticed that the central theme in these blogs is about what we can do as parents, it’s about action, and it’s maybe a little bit too much about relying on our own understanding. Believe me when I say that parenting is impossible without God. I believe we must seek our Father in heaven, in prayer, by reading scripture, and by seeking advice from people who have gone before us on this journey, who have prayed for their kids for longer than we’ve had our own.

These children that I am blessed to have in my home and to know are not my own. These are God’s children, and I hope and pray that I lead them to submit to Him with their whole hearts, their whole lives. I want to do right by them. I want to do a good job as a Mom. I want to have what it takes. But on my own, by myself, I do not. These little blessings are the Father’s, and He shared them so graciously with me. Now I must take the responsibility back to the throne, and seek God’s will for my role in their life, and His will for their lives.

As I read Brooke’s words about praying not because I can, but because I can’t, I cried. She is so right. While there are so many things I want to get right as I raise my sweet babies, I can’t. Prayer makes a difference, prayer can change the outcome. A lack of prayer makes a difference, and can change the outcome.

I pray that God will help me fight for my children spiritually and through prayer, with as much diligence and strength as I fight for their attention and education. I don’t want them to miss Him because I neglected to pray. I don’t want them to succumb to temptation because I forgot to pray. I don’t want them to go out into the world without praying because I forgot to show them how to pray.

As I am learning how to raise Godly kids, I am realizing that my first priority is to pray for them. Yet, the call to prayer doesn’t stop there. I need to pray for me. I need to pray for their Dad. I need to pray for their youth leaders. I need to pray for their coaches, and group leaders, and their Sunday School teachers. I need to pray for them to be receptive. I need to pray for the lessons they are learning to take root and shape them into the people that God wants them to be.

We are all called to pray without ceasing, and prayer is our chance, our opportunity to connect with a God so big He spoke the world into existence – that same God is waiting to speak to you.

What is your prayer for your children? Are your children growing up or grown? How have your prayers changed as your children have changed?

Please share your thoughts!

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