>I have been walking through a very inspired time in my life.

Inspire: to exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon (a person); animate or invigorate

I could spend all day writing. I get inspired by things that happen with my boys, by the weather, by short drives. I get inspired while shopping for groceries, while walking to the mail box, and while trying to go to sleep. I find myself making notes in my phone every time I turn the corner. When I’m making coffee, or dinner. When I’m giving baths. Switching the laundry. You name it, right now it speaks to me.

Well, “it” doesn’t so much, rather I think “it” is God. I believe God is more creative than we can aspire to be – look at this world! To top that off, the creativity we experience was created by Him and given to us. I hope the ways in which I express my creativity can be counted as worship to God. I hope He is glorified as I use the talents He has given me.

As I am walking through this time of great inspiration I am also learning new skills. I have taken up photography and I am learning to take better pictures, to notice more subjects for my shots. I am writing a novel, and writing this blog. I am also finding new and creative ways to teach my children about this beautiful world!

What inspires you? What creative talents has God given to you? How do you utilize your God-given talents?

2 thoughts on “>Inspiration”

  1. >Forgiveness is such a beautiful thing, and when I think of how much God have forgiven me for, I am truly humbled. I imagine God smiles when He hears you sing and play, and as He watches you give freely the gift of forgiveness! 🙂


  2. >:) God has given me the ability (I wouldn't really call it a talent) of being VERY forgiving, even when I shouldn't be. I get stepped on and run over alot so I try to limit the obsticles around me for what needs forgiving. He has also given me a talent of playing the flute and singing. I use those talents to help lead the worship at church and play songs for my Lord 🙂


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