I Told You So

>ou know, saying “I told you so” is one of the quickest ways to make someone defensive, which generally causes tension and usually an argument of some sort or another. There have been a few things going on in my life lately, and I really want to say it. Oh so bad. Then I get crafty. What if I say something with a little different ring to it? Here are some of the things I’ve come up with:

“Well, that’s what I was afraid of, when I warned you…”

“I am not surprised…”

“You mean, you weren’t really expecting that?”

“History repeats itself.”

“Who didn’t see that coming?”

“Remember when you first told me, I think I mentioned my concerns…”

“I was worried this is how things would go.”

“You had it coming to you…”

Now, I am convinced that the recipient of any these words would simply hear, “I TOLD YOU SO” as if I was yelling and pointing fingers at them. Then we would argue. Let’s face it – we don’t ever like to hear those words. You know why I think that is? Because when someone warns us, and we don’t heed their advice, we are generally not trying to be ignorant. We think that our idea is a great one, and we attempt to pursue it. You know what I have to say to that? If everyone with a brilliant idea only ever listened to the critics, our world would be significantly different – for the worse, I think. Let me say it this way: just because you were right once, doesn’t mean that every time you “warn” someone, you will end up being right.

So, let’s hold back the “I told you so” and praise the effort. Let’s try not to gloat about being right – God knows you won’t always get it right. I won’t always get it right. Remember, next time you warn someone, they may end up pursuing greatness. Remember the next time someone warns you to thoroughly consider the warning, and ask God about it – maybe God is leading you into greatness and the warning isn’t necessary. Maybe they are right, and you are about to make a mistake. Either way, you’re going to learn something, you’re going to grow, and we all win some, loose some.

Have you ever said “I told you so” in one way or another? How did it turn out? Do you find it easy to refrain from saying it, or is it something that is easily blurted out?

1 thought on “I Told You So”

  1. >ooo OUCH! There you go talking about me again 😉 I told you so are hard not to say- and hard to hear. I do try to give credit where credit is due most of the time, course it is in an effort to overcome my error!I have decided later in life tho- if it isn't critical, I don't need to "warn" and that has eased the I told you so's a lot! If it is critical then we talk about it- sometimes argue our side but at least communicate- which has helped me not feel as tho he never listens to me anyway why bother….. attitude 🙂


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