>Little Green Thumb

>So, I’ve been trying to think of nick names for my kids to use on the blog. I think my oldest is going to be Little Green Thumb for the time being. He loves anything he can grow and nurture and has been BEGGING to grow plants. I finally bought him a little set up for plant growing, and we will begin learning about (very, very basic) botany tomorrow! He is as excited as I am!

I love how my kids are developing their own interests, and I love giving them the opportunity to explore this world that God has made for us. My boys are so curious about everything, and sharing in their young, untainted curiosity is one of my many joys I find in homeschooling.

My youngest is obsessed with all things letters, so I think we will continue studying the solar system and letters, letter combinations, and beginning sounds. I always said that kids are sponges, I know they want information, I know they are smart, yet somehow, these two always end up surprising me!

As I am writing this, they are snuggled up in my bed next to me, playing and talking and just spending time with me. Little Green Thumb just thanked me for letting him turn of my light, and it is so cute the way he wants to help.

Well, I’m going to get some rest, we have a lot to study tomorrow, and I need to get my Mommy-brain ready!

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