>Silly things work!

>We’ve had a blast today, my two boys and I! We had oatmeal and chicken nuggets for breakfast – it’s what they picked…don’t ask me! Then I worked out for 30 minutes. Then we jumped in on some school work.

My mom gave the boys each a handwriting book at Christmas – stick figure handwriting (or something like that…) Honestly, I thought it was the silliest way to approach handwriting. I didn’t figure it would work that great. So, I kind of decided to just use it like a regular handwriting book and that is where I made my first mistake. As a regular handwriting book, it was just as boring as the rest of the regular handwriting books. When I finally broke down and told my youngest, “Draw the stick girl tall and straight, put on her hat, put on her belt, put on her shoes…” he wrote an E! And I cheered. And I realized that some of the silliest things, well, they are what work! He works on E and C – and he was excited about it, and his letters were taking shape quite nicely.

I tend to think that my Little Green Thumb thought it was silly like I did, cause he took one look at Isaiah doing it “that” way, looked at me and said, “That is NOT how I do it…” LGT and I are two peas in a pod, and Lil’ Bro is going to teach us a whole lot  about this world and how to see it in a different light!

My favorite thing about homeschooling #242: I’m learning just as much from my kids as they are from me!

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