>Audibly Claustrophobic

>2011 is a year of revelations. A year of growth.

My most recent discovery: I am audibly claustrophobic (from here out: AC). Would you like to know what I mean by that? When it gets loud around me, specifically when there are a variety of loud sounds, I get stressed out, feel a bit closed in, and I get CRABBY.

Me, crabby? Never! Okay, okay, I am kidding. I get crabby. I’ve been trying to identify some of my triggers, and noise is definitely one of them. Now, I can handle the kids yelling and screaming, or worship at church. Combine the kids screaming, with the TV being up too loud, and the dryer running – that’s when we are headed for crabby Momma.

I was thinking about this today, trying to decide if there was someway to curb the crabbiness, even when I get overwhelmed. An interesting thought popped into my head. How much noise does God hear? I cannot fathom all the incoming prayers, the constant praise He is receiving from the angels in heaven, and our loved ones that are with Him, worshipping Him. Consider the fact that the world is experiencing “day time” at all times, in other words, just because it’s night where I am, doesn’t mean it’s night all around the world. There isn’t even room to say that maybe enough people are sleeping at the same time to make it quiet for God for just a moment. I am praising God for His ability to 1: handle all of that noise without getting crabby, and 2: being able to filter my small cry from all of that noise and respond to me in His loving and infinitely wise way!

As I am trying to find ways to cope with the stress that noise causes me to feel, I am also seeking a way to filter out the important voices in my life. God, of course, is the most important voice in my life. I want to hear Him despite the noise. I also want to hear and respond correctly to my children, even when I’m overwhelmed by the volume in the room or truck. I also want to be able to listen to my friends and respond accordingly.

What things affect your mood? Have you found ways to deal with being overwhelmed, without taking it out on the people around you?

2 thoughts on “>Audibly Claustrophobic”

  1. >This is interesting and I will be mulling it I do not ever need a TV or radio on for noise. I do not understand how people (such as my husband) have to have noise going all the time… He says he sleeps better with it, thinks clearer etc. Not me…. it makes me CRAZY (maybe crabby) but definitely CRAZY!


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