>Made in His Image…

>God has been leading me, teaching me, molding me. Some of God’s changes are welcome, some are not so much. Most of them are hard to make. Worth it, but hard.

God’s been reminding me how we are made in His image. This is hard for me to grasp, but lately here is what’s been on my heart. We are made in His image, He is NOT made in our image. This is beautiful to me for a few reasons:

1.) God made us like Him, and He created us with freedom. What we did in the past, and continue to do with that freedom, is our own doing. If we are not seeking to live with Him, and obedient to Him, that is our choice, and we cannot blame Him for the outcome.

2.) Of all of the things I’ve ever created, I can’t fathom worshiping any of it. Nothing I’ve ever created has the ability to create, or the breath of life in it. Granted, I grew a baby in my belly, but I can’t take credit for creating either of those babies. I didn’t make the egg, or the sperm. I didn’t create the beautifully complex process of conception.

3.) I am flawed, so therefore I will only ever create a flawed god, if I try to create my own god. God, however, is perfect, He is glorious. He is complete. He created me. What I’ve done with the freedom He created me with is my own choice. From here forward, I want to experience my freedom from God, by living within the boundaries He lovingly gives me. I want to honor and glorify Him by my choices…by my whole life.

Please share your thoughts!

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