>My Dream Writing Space

>Some of you may know, some may not, but I love to write! 😉 I’m working on a book, have ideas for a few others, plus my blog here. Well, I have two blogs, actually. One about my journey to getting physically healthier, and this one. Tonight, I’m going to imagine a little…and what I’ll be imagining is my dream writing space…

Let’s just say there’s more hours in a day, and I’ve cooked, cleaned, played, educated, and all other things Mom, and I am now entering that serene place where I write…and write….and write!

I would have a well lit room, with a window or two. Sitting along one wall would be a wood desk, with drawers on the right. I would own a comfortable office chair, and the floor would be easy to roll around on.
A friend of mine actually owns the desk (or at least one just like it!) that I want – she puts her TV on it….
I would have my computer set up at the desk. I would have a notebook and pen on the desk, and my printer would be there as well. There would be pens, red and black, in the drawers, along with other notebooks. Each book would get it’s very own notebook. I would have a bookshelf to the right of me, with three ring binders, books for research, and anything currently inspirational for this project.

Under the window to the left of me would be a cute little stand that matched the bookcase and desk, and it would have a CD player on top of it. It would have drawers, and in those drawers would be the music that inspires me when I write.

Ultimately I would get to spend 4 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week, writing my books and blogs.

Don’t forget, the coaster on the desk. To keep from getting water stains, but so that I don’t get dehydrated from all of that hard work. There would be plenty of room for pacing, so I could think out an idea if need be!

This room would be my writing room…I also have dreams for a hobby (read: scrapbooking!) room…

What is your dream space?

2 thoughts on “>My Dream Writing Space”

  1. >Jessi – baby space is definitely important!! Luckily I use my laptop and it sure doesn't require much space. I pray for the right answers for you! 🙂


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