>A Real Cowboy!

>Kid’s say and do the darndest things. Let me explain. Yesterday we adventured to the library, then to Dollar General for some milk. Having selected our milk and a couple of snacks, we were waiting to check out. As it got to be out turn, a man stepped up behind us, in cowboy boots, wearing a cowboy hat, and Asher turned to talk to him. Asher told him he was a real nice guy, then suddenly, as if just realizing how the man was dressed, he asked, “Are you a real cowboy?”

Now, I am naturally inclined to be embarassed, I think, because I instantly wanted to stop my boy in his tracks. Yet, that man was so thrilled by Asher’s sincere expression and excitement. He told him, “I supposed I am, I’ve got five horses.” He let Asher think about this, then asked him, “Do you like horses?” Asher literally jumped off the ground, nodded, and told him, “I do, I have one, I have a Cheeky.” I was pretty sure the man didn’t quite understand, so I told him, “We actually have a horse, too.” The boys told the “real” cowboy bye, and waved, and as we were leaving the store, they both let me know how cool it was to meet a “real” cowboy!

Maybe today I’ll shock them by telling them that they are “real” cowboys too – hats, boots, and a horse included!

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