>More on the flute…

>(I first mentioned the flute here: http://realliferealmessy.blogspot.com/2011/03/faith-or-fear.html)

A flute doesn’t doubt that it can play music either. It knows what it was made for, and it doesn’t ever try to be the drums, or a canvas, or a photograph, or a vocal chord. It is a flute, and it is shaped to play beautiful music.

God has shaped me to do great things for Him. God has shaped me to serve Him in a unique way. This cannot be an excuse to create my own “truth” (read: lie) about my purpose, or this world, or what I should or shouldn’t do. This is a God-given shape, that I should use to serve Him. To know how to do that best, I must read His Word, pray, and seek Him. I should be open and receptive to the Spirit. I should also be obedient. This starts to sound like a lot and I know how many times I’ve failed in this life. Yet, He sweetly reminds me that I don’t have to do this in my own strength. The Holy Spirit lives within me, and God sent Jesus to bridge the gap. His strength will carry me on toward the finish line.

What is your God-given shape (strength, talent, skill, passion)? How are you learning to use your shape for God?

2 thoughts on “>More on the flute…”

  1. >Thank you! It is a beautifully painful process. Sometimes I don't want to change, but I am always better after the change. When I am not hearing the answers, I start reading. Especially the New Testament and about the life of Jesus – the Bible outlines the fruit we should be producing, so I know that when I love someone who needs it, I am being obedient, and when I have compassion, and patience, I am being obedient. As I take the easier to know (not always easy to do!) steps, then I am better able to hear God on the things He's asking of me. The answers are there for you, too. Ask, Seek, Pray, and if you don't hear anything right away, read the Word – it is the truth! 🙂


  2. >I love that you are able to get out there and look for your "shape". It is very cool to watch you go through that process. In answer to your question, some of us have not been blessed with that information just yet and we are still looking for those answers.


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