>Target Audience

>Everything I’m reading about writing is to determine a main subject line and a target audience. I am trying to figure out what I want to write the most about, and I have NO IDEA. I have been considering starting a homeschool blog and a blog about training my horse, but I wonder if that’s too much to keep up with. Yet, if I’m supposed to find a main subject line and a target audience…how do I do that when I want to blog about all of those things? Can something like that be determined per piece or article? Not in a blog so much, but do authors ever write about multiple subjects, and get published in multiple avenues?

I know the target audience for the book I’m writing, so that is helpful. I have other book ideas that won’t target the same audience, and I’m wondering if that is good or bad. I will continue to write the book I’m currently tangled up in, and hopefully I will find more answers to my questions.

Here are the things I know: I love to write. I love to write about a vast array of topics. I have decided I want to see the things I write in multiple print forms, such as: magazines, books, newspapers, ezines, etc. I want to continue to improve my writing and researching skills. I want to start a new online writing class every 6-12 weeks.

I hope to start my own website this year, and I will use that as an outlet for multiple subjects and topics. I am ready to watch this talent and passion of mine grow, and hopefully as it grows, I will identify the things I truly want to write about.

What are you passionate about and how do you fine-tune your talents and skills?

Please share your thoughts!

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