>So Many Dreams

>I have been trying to figure out what I am truly passionate about versus what I am only interested in. There are so many things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. I’ll list a few of my dreams:
1. A farm – I want to own my own farm, complete with goats, lambs, chickens, a huge garden, some fruit trees, a great play area, horses, a round pen and arena, a chicken coop, a barn, etc. I want 10-15 acres and I want to spend my time outside, working hard and enjoying the benefits of the labor.
2. I want to own real estate. I want to have rental properties specifically. I want to be a kind landlord, that offers reasonable rent rates, great service, and great homes for people to rent.
3. I want to open a bakery. I love to make sweet treats, and I want to spend all day doing that in a medium sized commercial grade kitchen. I want to see the smiles on peoples faces when they enjoy the things I baked.
4. I want to make a career of writing. I’m working on a novel and two blogs. I want to write articles, columns, books, etc. I also would like to do some public speaking.
5. I want to read a book a week for the rest of my life.
6. I want to write my own home school curriculum instead of purchasing one, yet I feel horribly inadequate to do so.
7. I want train horses and give horse riding lessons, and compete nationally with my horses. I want to teach kids and adults alike to ride and enjoy horses. I want to train horses that go on to compete nationally.
Those are the main ones the are currently circulating through my brain every day. I don’t even know how to begin weeding them out. I can see combining #1 & #7 – that makes sense to me. #4 & #5 can go hand in hand – because reading will sharpen my writing skills. I believe I could come up with a great home school curriculum, but doing it is always where I get sidetracked. It’s just easier to buy one, ya know? A bakery and real estate? How many hours do I think are in a day?!? Yet, I can’t seem to figure out which is more or less important to me.
How about you? What do you dream of doing? Are you working on making any of your dreams a reality?

Please share your thoughts!

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