>Coloring Books…Better Than Movies?

>Who knew? It seems in my house a coloring book provides as many hours of entertainment as a movie…more actually, because I don’t limit coloring time! Looks like I need to go get some new sketch pads, because they both love blank paper, and I appear to have two little artists emerging. As I watch them develop their coordination, I can’t help but wonder what their talents and skills will be.

As I wonder about their talents and skills, I wonder if I am equipped to lead them to live into their talents and skills. So I asked myself this:

Have I identified my talents and skills?

Writing, baking, mothering, photography, and I have a passion for farming.

Then this:

What am I doing to build my skills and talents?

Can we let writing be self-explanatory – seeing how I’m writing this blog and all?

Baking: I usually bake something once a week, sometimes twice.


Photography: I have been using my camera mostly regularly, and enjoying it.

Farming: The first step, in my opinion, is getting debt free. We are working on a budget to do

just that.

Then this:

Am I seeking God in the development of my own skills?

Not like I should. God is really asking me to pray and read His word to help develop my talents and passions right now. I have another post about all of the things I want to do: http://perceptionsby1.blogspot.com/2011/03/so-many-dreams.html
and I believe God wants me to be seeking Him to discover which talents and skills should be a priority, and which other things are merely interests.

and finally:

Am I praying and seeking God for His strength and guidance in guiding my boys?

Again, not like I should, but I am growing. I will continue to pray for them, and as they continue to grow I will encourage them to seek Him. I want to become more intentional about my prayers for them, praying for specific guidance, and praying for specific wisdom when it comes to raising them.

How about you? What are you answers to these very same questions?

Please share your thoughts!

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