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>I’ve been thinking lately, and I’m noticing this sad trend on my beloved FB wall. See, I know that some of my friends are facing hardships…and some of the people I don’t really know all that well, but I kind of recognize are too. I also notice that people that I perceive to be the “best friend” of these various friends are commenting with questions and question marks that cause me to assume they don’t know what’s going on either.

Why don’t we just pick up the phone anymore? Why don’t we call?

I know with two kids running around the house, meals to be made, school to be completed, text conversations make my life simpler. I also know that people around me are hurting and maybe hearing a compassionate voice would do more good than a FB heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I send FB hearts. I don’t pick up the phone. It’s hard to call. It’s hard to hear the broken heartedness of someone going through a trial. A heart is so much easier to type than listening when you have absolutely nothing to say.

Yet, I know I am missing out. I have been blessed with a few special girlfriends in my life, some of them I never speak to anymore, some I speak to more often, some I don’t even know where to find or how to get in touch with. With those relationships I have shared hours of phone conversations, the sharing of hearts and heartbreaks. I have visited well into the wee hours of the morning, dreaming about life, mourning the losses, finding joy in success and wondering what God intends to use it all for. Now I’m missing out. I don’t call. I text. I check FB. It’s easier.

Now, don’t let me steal the validity of this form of communication, either. I have some very dear girlfriends that I rarely “speak” to, but I visit with all the time. One in particular I text nearly all day long, and she has been a huge inspiration lately!

I’m just pondering the connectedness that FB leads us to believe we have, how false that is at times, and how much of an impact a phone call, or even better, a visit, has on someone. I know that I love when my phone rings. I know I love to hear a knock on my door. Yet, as I get more immersed in social networking and texting conversations, the more awkward I feel on the phone.

How do you feel about this? Does talking on the phone feel awkward to you because of internet communication and/or texting?

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  1. >I realized when a family member asked why no one ever let her know things- that I don't reach out with phone calls nearly enough. I send Christmas cards and if you are on my FB list you get updates about my life. I don't text all that much, as it is part of my job…. I like to get away from it sometimes! But sadly I don't call enough people and have been thinking maybe it is time to make a Saturday schedule of calling family and old friends to say hi- I am thinking about you and I love you!


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