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>Making Life Easier….One Post at a Time


I have discovered my newest blogging tool:

Windows Live Writer.

No, I am not getting paid to say this. I mean it. Honestly. In fact, it was even my idea to write this post.

I downloaded the program a week ago, per another blogger’s suggestion:

After download, it sat. Just sat. That’s it. I didn’t open it. I did not look around. Well, today I’m using it for the first time, and I am thankful to have stumbled upon it!

I don’t hardly know anything about it yet. What I do know: When inspiration strikes, I can use it to write as many posts as I’d like, and I can schedule when they post. Date and time. How cool is that? So, if I whip up 7 posts for the week, they can post one day at a time, at the same time every day. This lends to some consistency that I’m not the best at.

I love to write, and I often have a folder full of blog posts, but they don’t get posted with any form of regularity because I’m the brainless wonder of the century. So, this is my tool for regulating when my posts publish. How cool is that?

What do you use to make blogging a more streamlined process?

Please share your thoughts!

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