>Life: Full Steam Ahead!

>My oh my! Life is insane right now, in the best way ever! In 23 hours I will be getting on the highway with one of my girlfriends so she can do research for her novel, so I can take a retreat to dig deeper into mine, and so we can just enjoy a few days of Mom time! In the midst of preparing for all of that, our new school books arrived!!

So, I now have to make sure I write next weeks lesson plan, so we can start on Monday. I’m going to try to get about 6 weeks of lesson plans ready next week, so I’m not worrying about it every weekend. I can just look it over, make sure we are ready to tackle the material I planned for, and we can do it.

Am I nuts for thinking Kindergarten is so much bigger of a deal than Pre-K? I mean, it’s not like I’m a total rookie to homeschooling. I was homeschooled. I have been a huge proponent of being my child’s first teacher, yet all these books, all the planning that I get to do, seems so much bigger! It’s like Kindergarten is official, how silly is that?!

Thankfully, I chose a well rounded curriculum that sent all of the books I need for the year. We will go to the library for some extra reading/non-school or to expand on what we are learning, depending on the topic. This year our subjects are: Bible, Reading, Spelling & Handwriting, Grammar & Phonics, History, Science, Math, Health, and the option to add “other” – I’m thinking that “other” can come in later years!

What are you doing this spring? Are you staying busy?

Please share your thoughts!

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