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I have a question. How long should a blog post be? I think it’s supposed to be a fairly quick read. Not something that takes an hour to get through. People read blogs on lunch and during their 15 minute breaks at work, right? I know that if a blog is too long, I don’t read the whole thing, but what is too long?
I’ve become obsessed with Word Count. Suddenly, my novel revolves around Word Count; my blog: Word Count; my devotional: Word Count. You got it. I’m not stuck on page numbers or chapters. Word Count got me. It grabbed me by the chin, spun me around, and forced me to pay attention. So now, I’m obsessing. I keep trying to tell Word Count that content is what matters. Somehow, I find myself wondering though, if content is what matters, but it takes an hour to read my blog post of the day, is it ever going to get read? I’m sure there are some diehards out there that wouldn’t give up after the first 5 minutes, but then again, are there?
So then I break the super long posts into two, or three, posts. Is that good or bad? What if someone doesn’t know the back story, does post 3 still make sense? My goodness, I’m in a tail spin now!
So, how long should a blog post be? How long will you spend reading one post before you move on to the next? Is it entirely dependent on content, or does length have an effect on you?

1 thought on “>Word Count”

  1. >length has no effect on me my dear..I LOVE reading your posts and they are all very interesting and enjoyable to read..and if it's too long then i agree breaking it up into 2 or 3 parts and do what you've been and posting the link to the previous one first so that your readers can get the background on the post at hand…I love you and don't get discouraged..LOVE LOVE LOVE your writings! can't wait for the book!! 🙂


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