>My "Perfect" Children


I think society places to much emphasis on how perfect children are. Now, I agree that children are a gift from God and a blessing! I believe we have a great calling to lead them in the way they should go, in pointing them to God, and helping them to live in honor of Him. I do not think; however, that children are perfect. I’ve come to this conclusion due to the horrible cycle of guilt that comes when I over react. I need to learn to not over react, but something that is helping my patience is realizing that I’m raising SINNERS. Yes, I said it. I just accused my children of being sinners. Now, I’m not playing judge and jury here, I’m not about to decide their eternal fate. I am; however, much more burdened to lead them to the cross. Sinners need the cross. PERFECT little blessings don’t. And if they are PERFECT, and I’m the only sinner in this house, then all of the times I don’t have enough patience, are simply my fault, and only my fault. And I am a bad mom. But, if I’m a sinner, raising sinners, then guess what? Yes, I’m the adult, but they are truly misbehaving (sometimes) and when I over react, that is just my sinful nature showing through, much the same as their disobedience is their sinful nature showing through. This revelation has helped me take a deep breath, it has reminded me that Christ has the victory, and it also put my kids into a better perspective. It’s been easy for me to teach “lightly” on the subjects of salvation, partially due to their ages, and even more due to the fact that everyone tells us our kids are perfect! They aren’t perfect. They are created the way God made them, and they have talents we should encourage them to use. They are not perfect. They are sinners. Born sinful, and they need grace as badly as I do. So, I will work harder to model grace to them, while taking on grace as my identity. I am forgiven, I will forgive them repeatedly, and I will not allow Satan to trap me in a cycle of guilt. Jesus already won the battle!
How has the perception of children being “perfect” affected you? Does it make it easier knowing they are sinners in need of grace, just the same as you?

Please share your thoughts!

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