>I’ve been identifying with the wrong generation.

>I have a confession to make. This may come as a shock to some of you. I have been listening to my friends play the “80’s” station and while I occasionally recognize some of the songs to be ones my dad really liked, it isn’t music I identified with. I could sing along, but I rarely, if ever, heard a favorite on the “80’s” station. This has been bothering me. I spent all of my money on music at one point in my life, and I can’t fathom why I don’t recognize more of it, or identify with it. Or stroll down memory lane remembering that sleep over with that friend where we listened to that single all night long. Why doesn’t hearing the “80’s” station do this for me?!

Because I’ve been identifying with the wrong generation.

Yep, that’s right. I forget that I tend to hang with people that are a few years older than me. I was introduced to the world just a few years before the “80’s” went out. So, in exploring all of the channels on TV (since we now subscribe to services…), I found all of the music channels. My first thought? Put on the “80’s” like my friends. Yet, I again was not getting into it. So I tried something new. I listened to the “90’s” and wouldn’t you know it? I recognized almost every song they played, recalled owning a high percentage of CD’s that played that very same music, and even remembered listening to a song all night with a friend.

So, for however brief of a moment, I’m reminded that I’m only in my twenties. Better than being reminded about my age, is being reminded that I grew up with some favorites and things, and I can identify with a generation.

What generation do you identify with? Have you always been aware of your generational identity or did you have a striking epiphany one day?

Please share your thoughts!

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