>A Glimpse into the Heart of God


I’ve embarked on a journey that has been unlike any journey I’ve ever taken before. I’ve decided to write a novel, and this time, I’ve stuck with it. This isn’t my first attempt, but this attempt has carried me further than any attempt before it. This morning, after writing 19 pages in my book, I’ve stopped to reflect. I had this profound thought and I just have to share it. What if, as a writer, I get a small glimpse into the heart of God when developing my characters. Now, I know that God is truly omniscient, which is a huge thought and hard to wrap my brain around. Yet, for a moment, when I’m creating a world and characters to populate it, I get a small sense of what it would be like to be omniscient. And yet, my characters surprise me. This is a deeply personal thing to share with you, because even I know that it may sound a bit crazy. Yet, they take on this form of their own, and when they jump off the pages and shake me by the collar, telling me that I got a scene wrong, I wonder if we surprise God. The surprises would be much the same, because everything about my characters, I crafted. Every surprise they present me with came from deep within myself. Is it the same with God? Is that what makes our relationship with Him personal? He is Creator, and He knows me better than I even know myself, yet I have paused to wonder, do we, in small ways, surprise him? All that we are comes from deep within Him, created by Him, but when we display our character and personality, does He sometimes smile and chuckle a little at who we are? Is this process of getting to know God a two way street in which He is getting to know us? I’ve always considered that God knows all about me, which is true, but maybe, just maybe, He is getting to know me. It’s like the subtle, yet vast, difference between knowing about God by knowledge of scripture, and actually knowing Him.
Do you think God already knows everything about us and that we are incapable of surprising Him? Or do you think, just as our own humanly creations occasionally surprise us, we get the opportunity to pleasantly surprise our Creator?

Please share your thoughts!

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