I’ve spent most of my life proud of the fact that I can type 90 words per minute. Recently; however, I’ve learned something about that accomplishment. It is insignificant when it comes to writing. Especially character building for a novel. Just because I can type 90 words a minute, does not mean I can churn out page after page every time I sit down. My fingers working 90 words a minute, does not make the process of churning the information out any faster. Some days, it is slow going. It is like sitting in a crowded room, trying to hear the details of someone else’s life, as they talk to me amidst the noise. I have to filter out the noise to listen, and some days that is a slow, painful process. Sometimes, digging through this stuff from deep within myself takes much more work than just typing 90 words a minute. So, now I think I shall consider typing so fast a small thing compared to the work of creating a character, complete with a personality, and filling page after page with information about her life.

1 thought on “>90wpm”

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