>Focus, Focus.

>I am lacking all focus today. This week, actually. I get started on one project and am suddenly derailed by another. Point in case: 15 minutes ago I started working on the laundry. Now I am blogging. I actually sat down to jot down some ideas I just had for a novel I’m going to write. The boys are happily enjoying the sunshine and dirt that the backyard so readily provides. I am awaiting the arrival of my un-husband. We are going to grill salmon for dinner tonight, which means I should start the brown rice soon (that stuff takes forever.)

I’ve spent about 60% of my time today working on blogging-things. Like, finding guest bloggers to add some content and variety to my blog. Like, reading about SEO and what that means for me. I’ve also worked on learning how to use a social deck. Hashtags, retweets, social deck, SEO, my head might explode.

As I’m working on learning how to expand my online platform, I am writing a novel, opening a home daycare, and homeschooling two boys. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy, and I’m pretty sure that I am. Yet, my life seems so great right now, I can’t imagine it getting any better. I am filled to be emptied again, and I am thanking God for all that is going on in my life.

Guess I’ll get back to that laundry, or maybe I’ll get sidetracked doing something else on the way….

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