>The Micro Garden

>I think, aside from apartment window planters, my sons and I have planted the smallest garden ever. We planted corn, carrots, and green beans. We are also trying to get a melon patch turned and ready for seeds. We will have cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkin in the melon patch. When the melon patch is planted the garden will no longer qualify as micro, but for the moment, it does.

The grown boy is concerned about the dog eating the plants.

The children beg to see the plants everyday – and are dismayed that in two days, we don’t already have corn to eat.

I am determined to rototill a large portion of our backyard, fence it off, rototill it again with some good compost, and let it sit all winter. Then, come spring, I will rototill it again with a little more compost, and I will start all of my little plants in either the garage with grow lights or the dining room. I think having a daycare open in my home will require me to use grow lights in the garage. We shall see.

My long term goal: 10 acres, chickens, lambs, goats, my horse, and a large enough garden to make us a minimum of 60% food self-sufficient. A lofty goal, yes. A worthwhile and attainable goal? Yes!

Are you gardening this year? What have you planted? What made you realize you wanted to grow your own food?

Please share your thoughts!

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