>Discovering and Utilizing My Elements

>I’ve been trying, since the whole ventilator thing in January, to discover my passions and to separate them from my interests. More simply: There are things I am merely interested in, and things I am genuinely passionate about.

In searching, I’ve discovered I have two elements, and they battle for my time, attention, and energy.

Element #1: Children.

Mine, others, all of ’em. I love kids, I love teaching kids. I love being surrounded by their silly conversations, their laughter, and their smiles. I am opening a home daycare once again, because I truly am “in my element” when surrounded by kids. That’s part of the reason I love homeschooling!

Element #2: Writing

I cannot stress how much I love and need to write. I start feeling weird if I don’t spend some time on it every day. It’s like my brain backlogs, over fills, floods, and gets compressed under all the information. Then, when I spend some time writing, I decompress, relax, open the floodgates and relieve the pressure. Emotionally and mentally, I need to write. I love it, it is a driving force unlike any I’ve ever known. It wakes me up at 3 AM, keeps me up at night, and could easily occupy my day if my first element wasn’t already doing so.

These two elements, at times, feel like polar opposites. Not that kids aren’t great inspiration for writing, but when I have kids around there is no writing. I know, because I’ve tried. But they require my attention and focus in a way that I cannot offer when I am writing. Because when I am writing, I am in another time and place all together. So, I will continue to grow in my elements. I will stop trying to blend writing into my “kid” element, although my kid element provides lots of fuel for my writing element.

I will also try to be intentional about seeking God, and His plan, for both elements.

What is your element and how are you living into and growing the potential of your element? How long did it take you to discover your element?


Please share your thoughts!

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