Who am I?

While watching “Super Why” today, my youngest made a funny that made me realize a truth.

Super Why asked them to “Say your name!”

My oldest responded appropriately with his name.

My youngest said his brother’s name.

Whoa, Thing 2….I gave you your own name. Whoa mom…how often do I consider them “the boys” – I group them in mind as one being.

I think it was an honest and cute slip up on my little ones behalf, but it made me wonder, am I doing enough to let his personality shine? Am I clearing a path for him to be his own person as opposed to making him follow the path I cleared for his brother? Do I give him the tools to clear his own path?

Oh boy, what a heavy burden us parents carry!

How do you help your kids keep their identities separate so they aren’t just “the group”?

Please share your thoughts!

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