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All in a day

Well, today I kick off the first day of my home day care! I will have three wonderful kids to watch, and I can’t wait. It is 6:15am as I write this, and so far this is what I’ve done:

Woke up at 4am – paid bills.

Went to Wal-Mart, got groceries, a playpen, and a booster seat.

Got home, put groceries away, assembled booster seat.

Thing 2 is up with me, helping and chattering away. He thinks this playpen is pretty cool. I’m about to start a load of dishes and laundry. I remember when my days were this way before – doing so much before the sun came up, so I could enjoy, play with, and teach the little ones I get the privilege of loving on. I am happy and thankful to be returning to this schedule; however, I think it will take some time to adjust to my new schedule.

Today, our main activity will be water painting, and I will giving everybody a chance to color, and we may use the little stick on foamies – but I haven’t decided yet. As we get comfortable with our schedule I will plan more activities.

Well, I’m learning that I can’t let myself get sucked into “time-theft” – be watching for a post on the things that steal our time, and how urgent it is for us to watch out for those things!

What’s on your agenda today?

Please share your thoughts!

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