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Such Good Intentions

I am blessed to be raising two of the most wonderful boys on the planet. (They are sleeping right now, it’s so easy to think great things about them when they are snoozing!) They are rotten to the core, blue-eyed charmers. They steal my heart daily, and challenge all of my parenting-ideals every second of each day.

I have worked very hard creating separation for them in school, so they can develop into their own individual people. With only 16 months between them, I often find myself lumping them into the group “boys” – not recognizing them as individuals. They are vastly different from one another, and I’m trying to acknowledge and encourage their differences. In trying to do so, I have separated their school activities – after all, Thing 1 is reading better than Thing 2 (as to be expected!) and technically, Thing 2 is in pre-k while, Thing 1 is a kindergartner.

Here is what I’ve figured out:

Thing 2 wants to do the same work at Thing 1. He is way more focused on his brothers work, and as a result, I’ve noticed he is quickly gaining momentum and reaching his brother’s academic level. Thing 1 wants to share his lessons – if I’ve over-separated them for their lessons, the first thing they do after school, is play school. Thing 1 dictates a lesson to Thing 2, and grades his work. He’s a strict teacher (hmm…wonder who he got that from…) and he doesn’t offer much of a margin for error. My first thought is to remind him to baby the baby, but if I listen for a bit longer, I realize that Thing 2 is learning so much from Thing 1! It’s crazy how much those silly “play school” lessons are teaching Thing 2, and I’m regretting my decision to not buy kindergarten curriculum for him. I keep wondering if I should do it now, before Thing 1 gets much further in the year, or if I should keep them separated by one grade.

Do you home school? Are your kids close in age? How do you deal with “grades” and who should be in what “grade”?

Please share your thoughts!

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