My how time flies.


My sweet baby turned 4 years old on Monday! I got to take him for a happy meal on Monday and bake a cake with him, then on Thursday we took him to Burger King. We let him decide where he wanted to go, and who he wanted to go with him – he picked his long time “best buddy ever” (as he puts it) TJ. The boys had a great time playing together, and I’m so amazing by how big my kids are getting. They definitely are not babies anymore.

Oh, and a word to the wise, do not EVER try to put chocolate chips in a strawberry cake, and frost it with chocolate frosting. Even if that’s what your birthday-boy (or girl!) wants. Yuck. I made a super moist, yummy cake, but the chocolate surrounding it ruined it. The chocolate chips sank to the bottom and made a crust. Cake is not supposed to have crust.

So Thing 2 turned 4, and my boys’ dad’s birthday was yesterday, so they took him for ice cream. Then, in the parking lot visiting with Pop & Grandma, Thing 1 had a fly land on him. He named his “pet” fly and it stayed on him for a long time. He wants a pet so bad, his own pet, I keep trying to let him know the dog is his too. He wants a kitten, though. We’ll see, maybe one of these days I can get him one.

Well, back to work for me!

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