Where have I been?!

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA from my blog lately – I’ve been swamped. Between working on photos for a beautiful wedding, running a home daycare during the day, and all of the writing assignments I’ve taken on, I’m finding it a challenge to find/make the time to write my blog. Plus, I’m engaged in so much other writing, I almost feel like I have very little to say on here right now….

Here is what I do have for today: I just got published on Yahoo! and my link is here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8160551/i_was_a_prisoner_to_debt.html?cat=3

Please feel free to share this link with your friends, on your blog, wherever!

Also, I started a photography blog at http://reginathomasphotography.wordpress.com

I won’t allow my absence to last much longer – thank you for your patience and your prayers as my little home-based businesses grow!

Please share your thoughts!

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