Yes, I am contagious. It’s alright, my friend is too. She started writing a book, and as I listened to her (vaguely) talk about it, I began thinking I should start another one. Granted, I’ve started a few, but never gotten far. With her encouragement; however, I’ve made it to one completed rough draft. Like, 200+ pages of book, typed, thought of, dreamed of by yours truly.

The tables have turned. See, I always wanted to become a writer and I think being a writer has MANY facets – articles, columns, novels, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, blogs, etc. My friend seemed pretty set on writing her book, and nothing else. I’ve tried to encourage her a few times to blog, or try writing something other than her book (or other book ideas) – especially when she’s got writer’s block on the book. It helps to keep performing the skill, even in a different style/topic – well, it helps me anyway.

The bug caught, took hold, and is now changing her thought process. (Think ant controlling mind fungus…….).

That’s right, she started a blog.
No, she’s not paying me to advertise this. She’s my friend, and I thought I would share.

It does not end here, however. You know how yesterday I posted that Yahoo published me?!(Which, by the way, they did it again! Check out my Yahoo! Profile.) You guessed it, she submitted her first piece for them to approve, and now we are waiting. I have my fingers crossed, and I’m sure she’s holding her breath. Or cursing her “no-coffee” prescription. One of two, she will hopefully be published on Yahoo! very soon herself.

What do you love to do? Has your dream grown?

Please share your thoughts!

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