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Swamped and Struggling

I’ve been swamped running my home daycare, photography business, and my freelance writing work is piling up. This is causing me to neglect my book and my blog – which I am working hard to find a way to reverse. I miss writing my blog and I definitely miss my book, too.

I have to confess though, I’m struggling. I have a case of the green eyes – you know, the ones that see someone else’s opportunity as the end all, be all, and becomes a major hang up to living into our own personal potential and opportunity. This one has affected the way I see my ability to write, the plot I’m writing about, and if it is even worth my time. I want to think it is, but I’m jealous and I’m mad that I didn’t get an opportunity like that. With that being said, I would never ask to take the opportunity away from anyone else, but I’d just like to go along.

Plus, I’ve heard twice in the last two weeks that unless I am properly educated in the rules of photography, I should not consider myself a photographer. I’ve heard a few valid points about why having a camera doesn’t just make someone a photographer, and I am certainly not a professional – but I never said I was.

So in all of this, I need peace. I need to remember who I am – and that my identity is from my Creator, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, my God in heaven. My identity and worth are not found in opportunities or education or opinions.

Do you ever get green-eyes, or struggle with things people say to you? How do you handle it?

1 thought on “Swamped and Struggling”

  1. Yes I have struggled with this. For years I thought why does “she” get all the breaks….. Why does it seem so hard for me… And then someother person points and says…. see….. look…… and all of a sudden EVERYONE knows I am not good enough.
    Thankfully I found God, the King of Kings who told me I am good enough. It is hard for everyone…. I just am not where I can see their struggle with all.
    Trust God, stay close to Him and he will lead you in the paths He has for you!


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