The things we miss…

I think we often miss the best things for us in life because we are too busy looking the other way and they slip through our fingers or because we are afraid.

People and things and times don’t wait forever and if we aren’t paying attention they slip right past us. Sometimes the distractions are innocent enough – work, goals, dreams, aspirations, and such. Other times they are more intentional chosen and less innocent – because for some reason we are choosing not to fully see what or who is right in front of us.

I think fear is the other big reason why we miss out on the best opportunities. Fear of failure or rejection or fear of the unexpected/unknown. I let fear stop me far too often about far too many things. I try to plan for all the variables (not possible, I know) and when I think there are things that I cannot account for/things that are unknown, I freeze. I fail to take action and often miss great opportunities.

I’m trying to turn this into a useful lesson for myself, one that I can grow from. I don’t want to forget that opportunities are often fleeting and that sometimes the worst thing a person can do is nothing. I used to think that was the “safe” route – that kicking back and doing nothing would allow things to work themselves out. I’m beginning to think that, while sometimes we need to just chill, there are many times that we need to action.

For 9pm on Christmas Eve, this isn’t really a Christmas-y post…but it is what is on my heart and mind tonight…

Please share your thoughts!

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