I’ve spent quite of bit of time today feeling like this Christmas has been a failure of epic proportions. Christmas has always meant so much to me, and I have traditions for my boys that are very near and dear to my heart. Plus, this is the third Christmas I’ve been single, and if you had asked me in 2009 how long I thought I’d be single, I would have said something about how I wanted to be single and planned on spending my life that way.

As for Christmas traditions with my boys…we have a special nativity set that I love to share with them and it never got unpacked – we usually work on it the week leading up to Christmas. Then, on Christmas morning….there is a magic to reading the story of the birth of Christ and then watching them open presents. It didn’t happen that way this year. Christmas happened a week early for us, and it was rushed. Thankfully I have my little sister, my “twin” sister by adoption and our adoptive Mama to spend time with. My boys also spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day away from home.

Why are these traditions so important, and how does missing them make Christmas feel like such an epic failure?

Because the traditions we establish ground our families and help us remember who we are and what is important to us. Traditions allow us a familiarity in life that helps us cope with the changes that often take us by surprise. They allow us to pass values down to our children, and they give us a foundation for basing our celebrations and family times on. When all else falls by the wayside, traditions are there to help us keep a grasp on life.

Yes, this is one of my romantic notions for life….

2 thoughts on “Traditions…”

  1. Hi Regina,
    You must know that you are a light! I can’t help but be drawn to you in your scituation, I feel your heart. What a big heart it is that you have. I think you don’t realize that though everyone else likely does. For me it is learning to train myself to look at what is right in my life for there is much that is right! Our emotions are the playground of the enemy who wants to defeat us through our thoughts and emotions that tell us we are less than good or whole or rightouse in God. Know that by His death we are made rightouse in His sight and there is no longer, by Him a performance based freedom. It is only that we beleive what was done was done for you and me, nothing we can do will earn us anything in relationship with God. What more can we do that was already done by Him on the cross? Nothing but believe! You are perfect just as you are NOW! We live and grow in the Lord. John 6:63 tells us the flesh profit nothing, it is the spirit that gives life, Jesus said the words that I speak are spirit and they are life. Look at your bible, see what its and who you are Now. You are a new creation. old things have passed away, all things have become new. Speak life into your life! look at Proverbs 18: 20 – 21. Peace, Love and Blessings.


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