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A beautiful day!

My boys and I had a fantastic day. We worked through our lessons, after a yummy oatmeal breakfast. We ran a handful of errands, and I even made polynesian glazed meatballs over jasmine rice for dinner. I’d call today a success in all ways!

I am sitting in the dark in my living room, enjoying the quiet and writing. I found a hat pattern to work on, so I’ll be crocheting tomorrow most likely. I got Bentley (my new yorkie puppy) a sweater today, it’s definitely cute. (And yes, I am that girl.) Aside from going to bed at 10pm last night, and getting up at 8am this morning (aside from being awake from 3:30-4:30 this morning), I haven’t done much different.

I just tried today. I didn’t let the ugly inner-dialogue win. I believe that God is at work, giving me the strength to take each step forward and helping me find victory. I don’t always understand the heavy attacks we are put under – and as I sit here with my joints aching, I wonder when the devil will give up. I guess maybe he will give up when I refuse to give up. But man it’s hard sometimes.

I also realized today that I am leading two men of God (hopefully!) to live into their God-given talents and dreams. When I am not chasing my own, learning to overcome the hurdles of chasing and pursuing my talents, how can I ever inspire or teach my children the same? It is easy to get so caught up in my duties that I forget my passions. Yet, I want to help my kids live life passionately, so I will continue to learn to live my life that way too. Hence the blogging at this hour and few other irons I’m tossing back in the fire!

Please share your thoughts!

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