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In a house full of dreams…

I live in a house full of dreams and wishes. Held in between the walls of this house are my own hopes and dreams, the dreams and wishes of my enthusiastic 6 year old, and the dreams and wishes of my thoughtful 4 year old. The amount of personality living in this one house is immeasurable. The differences and the scope of our dreams is wide. Keeping up with all of it is a task – some days it feels like a chore, and some days it is an exciting adventure that I love.

I want to help these two boys become the best they can be. I want to help them chase their dreams. I want to help them continue dreaming, and growing. I want them to be as great as they possibly can be. They are the light of my life and they inspire me every day.

Yet, I have a dilemma. You see, I have dreams too. And sometimes I put mine on hold, or pack them up and put them away for years to come, because I am so busy with raising my kids and working and holding down the fort. I started feeling kind of bad for myself because my dreams were getting dusty from sitting for so long without any attention. I want to be great, I want my life to be filled with greatness.

And this might be a horrible thing to admit on the internet for the whole world to read, but quite frankly, motherhood does not always feel like greatness. Some days it feels like laundry, dirty dishes, and never having time for myself. It is cleaning bathrooms, giving baths, cooking meals, teaching lessons, and keeping a watchful eye on little fingers so that nobody gets hurt or destroys the house. Some days it is exhausting and I get a little bit lost in the mess.

Yet, it is my calling and my duty. Motherhood is a blessing that I wouldn’t trade in for anything. I love my boys with all of my heart. And while staring at my shelf of dusty dreams one day, I realized something. I cannot effectively teach my boys to dream and to chase their dreams, if I’m not leading by example. If I don’t know how to chase my dreams and if I’m not learning everyday how to make my dreams come true, how can I teach my boys to live life to the full potential? I have to fully chase my dreams and live my life with enthusiasm to teach them to do the same. So, I’m going to dust off a few of my favorite dreams and continue learning how to chase them, because I want my life to be an example, and inspiration to my kids so that they do even better than I have done.

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