Through a long series of events, that started some time ago, some events great, some not so much, home has changed for me a few times in a few years. It’s been a house on some land in a small town; it’s been sharing a bedroom with the boys, in a friend’s house; it’s been an apartment; it’s been a house in town; and tonight, home is a motel room.

I’ve said a few times in my life that I can make a home out of anywhere with the right combination of people, love, and cookies. Or something like that. Well, I can honestly say that’s true. The cookies are necessary occasionally because we all need a pick-me-up sometimes! But home is the people, not the place. Trust me, this place isn’t much to brag about (well, I have a maid and a pool! LOL) But the people here, are incredible.

And we are making it. To fit this many people in a single room dwelling, and not have a million fights a night….impressive. And it won’t be forever, in fact, it looks like it won’t even be for much longer.

I guess, basically, I’m just thinking that home is where our hearts are happiest, and my heart is happiest here, with these people that I love the best.

Please share your thoughts!

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