Settling in…

Whew, we’re finally setting in, unpacking a box at a time, and I see the big picture again. And can I just say, I LOVE IT?! My guy and I have made it to church the last few weeks, and Thing 1 is racking up points for reading and memorizing verses. Thing 2 is (slowly) getting comfortable going to class. And I am happy.

I am so thankful to have a loving man to lean on, to dream with, to grow with, to share with. And as we put our noses to the grindstone and wade through daily life, and raising kids, and managing a home, I know we are partners in these endeavors. To watch Thing 1 and Thing 2 blossom, and to see the positive changes they are going through, warms my heart in a way I cannot explain.

And I’ve grown so much, sometimes looking back, I am shocked by just how much I’ve grown. I have to admit that I would bypass some of the hurdles I’ve had to leap over, crawl under, and plow through, if I could. It’s not been easy getting here…but as I listen to the boys play in their room, and I wait (rather impatiently) for my guy to get home, I wouldn’t change that I am here.

We’ve been singing a song at church – you know, one of those songs that makes me bawl every week? And it talks about how we never walked alone…and every time we are singing it, I see me and the boys and I remember the times when I felt like we were alone, and when they wondered why they had been abandoned. I would hold them and tell them, “It’s just us guys…it’s just us against the world, but we can do this.” And I wish now, that I had picked a reminder that God would never leave them or me. Because He truly never left us alone, and I recognize now, as I look back, His mighty hand over our life.

We are a family, me, and my guy, and our boys, and a baby bump…and my prayer today is that we always see the big picture, but that we recognize the delicate process of putting each piece in place. I hope that we remember, every day, that the people are what makes this home, and that we work together to make each other, and each of the kids, know that this is our home, we are each special and created with a purpose. I pray that in the daily feeding, bathing, educating, and general nourishing of the mind and body, that we don’t ever neglect the spirit.

Happy Monday!

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