Politics and the Journey to Hell

So, I have been avoiding writing this post since, ooohhh, I don’t know, before the election. I’m not the most politically minded person, and certainly I am far from being the most politically educated person around, so I felt less than qualified to even touch on the subject.

Okay, that’s an excuse. It has nothing to do with feeling qualified, and way more to do with people’s feelings, controversy, and not wanting to offend anyone, or take a verbal lashing for my opinion. I like to quietly have my opinion “over here” and not really deal with harsh disagreements. So, here goes one of the most controversial topics I could write about these days…

I think politics in our country is currently one of the biggest distractions from eternity possible. People are so worried about Obama causing the destruction of America, that they fail to see the lost souls around them. The concern for America (whose time is fleeting, in fact, all of earth’s time is fleeting) is far greater than the concern for the eternity of the souls around us. The pastor of our church said it best a few weeks ago:

Heaven is NOT the default destination. Hell is.

The only way to change your eternal destination is by accepting the gift of salvation, which is available because Christ died on the cross for us. Glory! But you know what? I don’t see nearly as many people posting things about the eternal dangers to our souls as I do about the temporal ones. Pay attention people! The fear I see among people over who the current president is absolutely makes my jaw hit the table. Have you forgotten who holds the keys to hades?! Jesus, Himself!! The victory was won on the cross, period. This earth is going to pass away, and yes, there will be some bad times, and some bad people, perpetuating just that. But those bad people don’t hold your ticket to Heaven or hell, you do. And God has a plan for restoration. A new Heaven, and new earth. Communion with Him the way it was meant to be.

Instead of offering up comments that are full of fear about one man’s position and/or power, and meager “I just pray for our country” (which always sounds to me like it is said with a whimper) why don’t we proclaim the victory of Christ? Why don’t we tell the people around us that no matter what happens on earth, or in America, God already made a way for us?

The victory isn’t a maybe, or a possibility, THE VICTORY IS WON.

And I guarantee that eternity in hell is worse, unfathomably worse, than anything one man is going to do to or for this country in 4 years. It’s not like the road our country is on started yesterday, or two months ago, or even 4 years ago.

Satan, the true enemy, is crafty. He is more deceitful than I think we truly can fathom. And the more time that believers spend focusing on this temporary world, and politics, and anything else that is passing away, the less time we are spending proclaiming the victory Christ won, and the gift we’ve already received.

Eternity is not something we can put off. There are people around us that need to know that Christ died for them. Not to turn the direction of this country around. Not to make life here a little better. But because the true tragedy is losing a soul to an eternal place of suffering, all because our priorities are jumbled.

The road to hell isn’t all that clearly marked, folks. I hate to break it to you, but Satan wants you to think that you are doing just fine on the wide road. The billboards are advertising all of the best things this world has to offer. Whether money, luxury, food, politics, technology, anything to keep your focus on what feels good now, or what feels bad now. As long as you are focusing on what you have or don’t have, or what you will or won’t have, here, on earth, then you cannot be focusing on your own eternity, or the eternity of those around you.


2 thoughts on “Politics and the Journey to Hell”

  1. Wow! That is my thought! Wow!

    There are times and places for prayers to be answered and reading this post today has answered one for me. The people in my world are very focused on the negative and I have been asking for a way to “deal” with them tenderly without losing my own sanity. This is my answer.

    Thank you for being brave enough to say what God put on your heart, so it could help mine.


    1. I am so glad these words could be encouraging! Just when I think controversy is all I’ll find…sometimes I need to have a little more faith that there is a purpose to what is on my heart!! ❤


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