God and Creativity

I’ve had several very fascinating conversations about creativity and the Kingdom over the last few years, and my eyes are opening more every day to something I find particularly beautiful. I’ll explain, but bear with me, it will take a minute to make my point.

I have a tendency to see things rather black and white, in most cases. I am all about following the rules, and can be very legalistic when it comes to religion and spirituality. Although I have walked through seasons of rebellion, I usually have not asked “why?” when it comes to something being a rule. And aside from a few specific times in my life when I was rebelling, I try very hard to “color within the lines” and follow all of the rules – to the point that sometimes I even assume something is a rule, when really, it’s just me trying to be perfect (something I am definitely NOT).

How does this have anything to do with creativity, is that what you are wondering? Well, keep reading. As I build this world of rules – do’s and don’ts and an iron fist with a heavy gavel – I also start thinking that without conforming, we can’t honor God. Whether in our attire, what we drive, where we live, how we worship, music, art, writing, photography, painting, how we clean our homes, etc…. And pretty soon, the world looks rather bland – stripped of diversity. With everyone using lemon scented floor polish and dish soap, lavender laundry soap and wearing “earth tones”. (Don’t get me wrong, I happen to adore the rich earth tones…) But is this really what God intended? Because as I strip away anything unique, I also overlook and miss out on grace.

God has grace for the mistakes. Wait…there is more. We serve a God who is infinitely creative, and yet, we (or just I?) seem to think there is only one right way to worship Him. To serve Him. But how far off is this from the very heart of God? I truly believe that He is creative beyond my wildest dreams – look at just what we have on Earth?! And we haven’t even seen Heaven yet! So, as I continue to soak this in, my prayer is that God would lead me to the narrow path, that I would walk among the few that find it, and that as we walk, we would sell out, to passionately worship a creative God. To creatively worship our Father. Our creativity honors Him – and while He has expectations, and there are rules (for our benefit and to teach us obedience)… He has grace for the mistakes. And I believe He loves most when our heart is in our worship, not just when we conform to a set of legalistic rules.

Do you believe that we serve a creative God?


Please share your thoughts!

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