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The 77, 7 and 7 Blog Challenge

So, I woke up this morning to find that I’ve been challenged to go to the 77th page of my current WIP, then to the 7th line, and then post 7 lines from my book. The challenge comes from fellow writer and dear friend Angela. You can check out her blog here: – After sharing my lines, I am supposed to challenge another writer friend to do the same.

Here are my lines:

“Good, it’s settled. We’ll get married.”

I had always imagined a more romantic proposal. This seemed a little dry to me, like we had just nonchalantly made the biggest decision of our lives, but I scooted a little closer to Kyle. He kissed me again, unlike he’d ever kissed me before. I couldn’t force my mind back to the movie, and as much as I was trying to decide if he’d just proposed to me, my mind lost focus.

Wow….the biggest thing I am realizing is that I need to get serious once again about this book, and really work through some edits.

I am challenging my friend Julie Jarnigan to complete this challenge as well! Can’t wait to see her post! (If the link doesn’t work, you can copy and paste

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