What Can I Do With That?

As I was laying in bed, ready to fall asleep, I began wondering what I am supposed to do with this life. Like, career wise. Everybody is supposed to have one, right? And granted, I’m in the middle of homeschooling 3 boys, with a new baby, and a home to care for, but whether now or in 18-ish years, I’m going to work again. Right?

Can I just tell you, the list of ideas that run through my head are insane. No, maybe not insane, but there are way too many things that I think would be really cool to do. It’s not like I have a few things that are similar. No, one minute I’m thinking medical professional, next minute I want to work at one of the horse ranches in Oklahoma, next minute I’m thinking accounting/bookkeeping, then suddenly I think I’d like to be in massage therapy or cutting hair.

These ideas bounce around and around, and all them require that I further my education. I play the idea in my head, from what it would be like to go back to school, to starting my career, working it for a while, the salary range of it, and what we could afford. The idea can grow rapidly and soon, someone who is obviously not me, parades around in my head with nearly an entire life that I’ve imagined for them.

I was wondering last night what I should do with that, what I could do with that…and it hit me, in the most awesome way.

I know exactly what I can do with that.

I can write. I am a writer. And all of those jobs I want to have, all of those lives I can construct in my head, are meant to be put down on paper to build characters and stories for those characters.

Have you ever had an epiphany moment like this? How did it change your life or your day to day actions?

Please share your thoughts!

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