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Keeping Up

I developed a problem that drives me nuts: I can’t keep track of appointments anymore. I used to be a walking calendar – able to remember things for several weeks out. These days are different; I generally can’t remember what I’ve planned for this week, or tomorrow, let alone for several weeks. This led to me double scheduling days and times and missing important things for other important things. Now, obviously even if I would have remembered all of the events, I can’t be in two places at once. But I can keep good enough track to not tell two people I’ll be at something that occurs at the same time as something else. I can tactfully and politely decline, instead of calling when I’ve realized my blunder. This saves my friends heartache, and me too.

I have tried several different methods for keeping track of events, and my favorite is a day planner. An all inclusive, day, school, life planner. I’ve tried digital formats, and small calendars and wall calendars, but the best thing for me seems to be a decent sized day planner. I use my day planner for appointments and parties, for visitation schedules, holiday plans, school days and lessons, and more.

I’ve tried several different day planners, and have found one that truly fits everything I need it to. It helps me organize my budget, my shopping and to-do lists, chores, appointments, lesson plans, and more. It’s more like a life book than a day planner. I like to paperclip things to the pages (such as articles, notes, addresses, reminders) when I don’t want to write them in the book, or when I’ll write them in later.

How do you handle scheduling conflicts?

Just so you can check out this planner in case you are interested, here’s a link for convenience!

Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner, July 2012 – June 2013

Please share your thoughts!

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