Online Panhandling

So, I had this clever idea. You know how everyone posts those pictures on FB to get a million likes – so they can get a puppy, or go to Disney, or something else “fun”?

I thought it would be funny to post one that went something like:

“Along with a million likes, we want a million bucks. Like this, share this, and send a dollar to us at PO Box 94157 Oklahoma City, OK 73143”

Then, I over did it. I made up this elaborate series of word signs. And it seems a lot like a pitiful panhandling attempt. Online.

Yes, I am laughing at myself now, a few days later.

Curious? Check out the video:

About Regina Walker

I am a Jesus-girl, wife, mom, writer, sister, daughter, baker, cook, maid, teacher, business partner, farmer, and more. I am busy raising kids, and praying daily for them to be servants of Christ. I am the blessed wife of a very hard working man, together we own and operate our own business. We live on a small farm where we are learning more about sustainable living. We do our best to enjoy life, help others, and use the talents God gave us for His glory. Our goal is to teach our kids to do the same. I welcome all emails - you can reach me at - feel free to email me anytime, just be patient in waiting for my response!
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