Homeschool Confessions 4: Dear Hubby

My husband, who announced in December that we would be homeschooling the boys, thought I was crazy when we got together. He wasn’t a homeschool believer, and was adamant that the boys belonged in school. It worked for us, because they were in school and I was working full time. I didn’t argue much.

At the time, I assumed I’d be working full time forever. The days of staying home were long gone and should be neatly packed away. While I longed to be home again, I just couldn’t fathom that happening. Who takes on a woman, and two kids from a previous marriage, and supports the stay at home endeavor?

(I know the answer to that question!)

I’m not sure if I’m that persuasive, or if he’s just that good hearted (maybe a little of both?) but through a series of events that we couldn’t control, and some that we could, I am home with our crew. I’ve been an at home wife and mom since August. We’ve been homeschooling since December. And I was wondering if my hubby was a believer in all (or most) things homeschool, or if he was simply “along for the ride?”

My answer came one afternoon recently.

I had been carrying on about government funded education options, the pros and cons, and why some homeschool groups don’t let homeschoolers that use K12 type programs participate in their activities. I’m not a fan of exclusion, to be honest. But on that same honest token, I get the concern with the government funded/backed issues and losing our right to homeschool, which is a right I believe in and will fight for.

So, he obliged and listened – and I didn’t sum it up in a paragraph for him like I just did here. I probably talked for a couple of hours, but who knows. He was listening and I was not stopping. Well, I did finally stop. Dear hubby had that “okay, whatever” look on his face. (It’s not so bad as it may sound; it’s more like “I trust you to make curriculum and schooling choices.”)

Some time passed, I’m not sure if it was just a few days or maybe a week or two. I brought up an awesome math resource I found, and was telling him how it’s free and it’s this and it’s that and I am excited to give it try. He nodded, and asked, “Is it government funded?”

Aha! He has been listening.

10 thoughts on “Homeschool Confessions 4: Dear Hubby”

  1. I have a number of friends who have homeschooled their kids and I say kudos to you! I agree with you that those that want to homeschool should have the right to do so. RIght now, I’m dealing with being on a different schedule with my kids, with one being in private school and two in the public system. Kids have different needs, and whether it’s homeschool, private or public, I think we have to consider what is best for them!


  2. Hi Regina,
    I so admire parents that are home schooling. One of my clients was just telling me about an online/virtual event that she will be speaking at that is design for parents, teachers and homeschoolers on how to raise happy children and teens. Apparently she started attending a couple of years ago and she says that she has met some awesome parents that way.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People


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