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Big Dreams or Mediocre Interests?

All of these cloth diapering, bread-bakering, laundry soap makering, and other natural living endeavors of mine are making me think more about what we are eating. I’m reading more labels, with a better awareness of what I’m reading.

I found a shocker in my cabinets. One of the things I least suspected for being full of “bad” stuff, is chock full of the stuff I don’t want to feed my family. This culprit is in the spice cabinet. Many of the seasonings and spices I have include bad ingredients. MSG is the one that comes to mind, and I should grab a couple bottles and remind myself what else was there.

I try to select seasonings that don’t already have salt in them – I like to add my own salt, even though I don’t use anything too fancy. Yet, I had never considered that MSG would be in the seasonings I use at home. I thought it was all herbs and spices and pepper, you know, good stuff. Good for you stuff. Flavor, rich, dried herbs and spices. No big deal.

WRONG! And now, I’m wondering if there is anything safe anymore? Other than growing it ourselves. I fell asleep thinking about having some land last night, a garden, goats, chickens, and Baby Daddy’s bulls. And horses. And I wish we could make it happen tomorrow.

I think God is teaching me during this time. I think He is helping me fully develop my dreams. And helping me sort out dreams from things that “would be cool”. I think He is calling me to figure out what is really important to me, versus what is just interesting to me. And I am realizing that I must take these things to Him in prayer.

Right now, I have three big things that I am praying about…starting our own business, getting moved out to the country, and what to do with my book.

Have you sorted your big dreams from your mediocre interests? Are you praying about how to make them happen?

Please share your thoughts!

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