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Getting it All Done

I have a magic formula, for getting it all done.


Are you ready to hear this?


I don’t get it all done.




Despite my best efforts, it’s never all done.


But, what I have learned to do is something. Always do something. Whether that’s a quiet something (such as reading, devotions, prayer time), or a busy something (dishes, laundry, sweeping), just keep moving forward.


With 4 of our 5 kids present quite a bit of the time, it can be overwhelming to keep up with dishes and laundry, let alone keeping everything picked up and clean/tidy. I struggle with giving up on it and not touching it for too many days, which my family can attest to. Yet, I’ve found it’s as simple as just doing what I can.


Instead of wasting hours being lazy, I’m learning to better utilize my time. Sometimes, I need to sit (which is okay for us busy moms to do and admit) but I feel guilty for doing nothing. So, I have learned to make even my sitting productive. I always have a book I’m trying to read. So my sitting time can include reading. Or writing. Or crocheting something.


Sitting can include cuddle time and sharing stories with one or all of the kids. I even grab cloth diaper covers and inserts and put those together while sitting. Or I match socks.


Then, when I’ve recovered I can tidy, sweep, mop, wipe down, do dishes, switch laundry, etc.
I’m trying to get better at keeping up with this house of ours, cause I feel bad when hubby walks into a mess (which happens more often than not). I am learning to look at what I’ve done to motivate me to do more, because when I look at what’s still on the to-do list, I feel defeated before I begin.


What helps you get through the to-do list?


2 thoughts on “Getting it All Done”

  1. The title of your post caught my attention because I’m in the middle of writing a post about the exact same thing! I echo your thoughts here. With homeschooling it’s hard to feel like I ever get it all done (and I don’t!), but I use a resource I found a year or two back called Motivated Moms. It’s a daily planner, or rather a daily checklist with all the things you’ll ever need to get done listed out for you! Check it out here.


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