Laughing and Healing

I’ve had the privilege of writing all morning and I was taking a break for lunch. For some reason, I started thinking about Little Lady’s entrance into the world and two things really stand out to me.

The gun unnerved me. My dear hubby had the front door unlocked on the south side of the city at 2 in the morning, and he made sure we were protected. I was oblivious to him unlocking the door, or getting the gun, or anything. I was certainly helpless had someone come in to our home at that time, as I was only a very short time from delivery.

When I had our baby girl in my arms, and we started shuffling around to get more comfortable, I was helped to my cozy bed. At home. MY bed! Yes! (Sorry, but I just loved being at home for all of this.) I looked over and there was a gun on the nightstand. Inside, I freaked. Don’t know why, I know how to shoot that gun, I don’t have a problem with it, I know we have it, and for some reason, in that moment, it just freaked me the heck out!

I’m laughing about this right now.

That night, and the last 3 months, have reminded me that my body is not a total lemon. All three of my babies have been the result of a healthy pregnancy, born healthy, and nursed well. My body delivered them quickly, with no hang ups, and recovered overall pretty well.

This is a healing thought for me. I have a few health issues that have proven to be life threatening and have left me wondering what is wrong with my body, wondering why I am broken.

Thankfully I’m not entirely broken, though. I’m praising God this beautiful Saturday for the things my body can do, and the things I can do. I’m laughing at those weird, unnerving moments that we cannot predict. And I’m thankful that my husband has the desire to protect me and our kids!

Please share your thoughts!

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