Worth the Read!

I just read a great book by author Lindy Zart.

I was sucked into Sara’s life and her plight, I found myself wanting to pray for her, hurting with her, crying for her losses and waiting, expectantly, for her to see the sun once more.

I have to admit, I was disappointed by a few of the errors, which included the misspelling of Sara’s name a time or two, the indecision of whether she drove a Grand Prix or a Grand Am, and some time-space continuum errors. (You know, it’s been three months, but it’s only been one month, but it’s been 12 weeks…?!?)

All of that being said, this is a touching story, and I would say it’s worth the read.

For the $0.99 Kindle version, click here.

For a hard copy click here.

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